Why you need to be Insta’d!


Like you, I love taking photographs!There is a particular pleasure in snapping a meaningful, beautiful or funny image that means the world to you. Baby pics? Priceless. Pics of your aging parents just before they passed from this world? Irreplaceable.

As we have moved from clunky (though amazingly capable) DSLR’s to point-n-shoots to our phone camera, our lives are now permanently filled with easy memory making tools. It’s never been easier or more convenient to take a photograph. And photographs are not simply images – they are treasures we add along the way in our brief life journey.

What so many snappers were lacking is the knowhow to make their average pics look interesting. Enter Instagram! Those gorgeous filters. The ease of use. The simplicity of instantly sharing your dolled up masterpiece with all of humanity. What more can a wanna-be-real-photographer ask for?

Now, what if we could “Insta” ourselves and our business? What if could apply “filters” to make our company and products more interesting and appealing, before we share them with the world? At ZOmedia, this is one piece of the unique Imaging strategy we employ to unlock your uniqueness. We use the filters of design, culture and coaching to unlock and “Insta” you and your business before sharing your services and products with the world. We take your existing “picture”, apply our filters, and hit “send”.

The fact is we live in a completely visually driven world. We have moved from a literary society where people read to know and understand into a visual culture where people look, learn and decide.

In this sense, every business is a picture that needs to be Insta’d. I would argue this is true of every individual as well. You may be thinking this isn’t true of yourbusiness and you’re happy to “be who you are” and “look like you do”, but reality tells me that’s probably not enough.

We all apply “filters” to our “picture” every single day. They may be design decisions, culture choices or behavior patterns, but we apply our own particular filters to our own situations: family, business, church, school or ourselves. And as with Instagram, you have a choice of filters but it is you who decides which ones to apply and how much to tweak them. You choose the look and feel of the picture you end up sharing. Often, choosing the filter takes much longer that taking the picture! And, like me, you applied the wrong filter and the image isn’t what it could have been. The good news is you can delete the pic and start all over again, this time improving your offering.

Hopefully, this post has given you at least one chuckle and something to think about. My kids call me an Instaspammer and you know what, they’re right! I love Instagram. It gives me pleasure choosing which filter to apply to yet another picture of Boston or my kids or my guitars. And I love sharing my “filtered” choices with family, friends and strangers because it’s part of what makes me unique.

This is why, when I grow up, I don’t want to be Superman or Spiderman or Batman – I want to be Instaman!