I am a Culturalist

 As a Culturalist, I've helped leaders and companies unlock their unique truth through a proprietary processes created over three decades of working with people, facilitating their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Having lived on several continents and worked in various industries, my experiences allow me to approach my craft from a unique perspective. From graphic design to leadership development, I help you create unique branding opportunities.


Culture Is A Person

Living and working working in various countries, experiencing varied cultures, I developed a proprietary approach to culture design and practice I call "Culture is a Person".

I understood that using a person as my metaphor enables anyone anywhere in the world to grasp the concept of culture in a meaningful way. It's easy to understand and relate to because of course, we're all people. I decided to use the letterhead "X" as a visual cue to illustrate that every person is made up of four essential parts: heart, mind, soul and strength. Similarly, every culture requires these pieces too: emotion, intellect, intuition and ability.


I've enjoyed seeing this philosophy and practice being implemented successfully in various companies and organizations.

My clients range from IT Companies to manufacturing to non-profits. "Culture is a Person" works wonderfully in any environment because our approach is humanolistic - it's designed to benefit the people in any business or organization, not for a particular industry. It's limitless in application and effect. And it's infinitely scalable.