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When a baby comes out of the womb, the first life changing interaction they experience is touch.

Previously, they felt their mother’s hand rubbing on their tiny frame whilst in the womb, but through the barrier of skin and flesh. Now the experience is perfectly real and authentic. And it is life-affecting because through the first touch is expressed the fullness of the parent’s love, acceptance, joy, amazement and gratitude as the mother holds her miracle close to her heart.

The truth is that this profound ability to communicate tangible yet invisible life and love never leaves us and it is as necessary at birth as it is at death. One of life’s great privileges and responsibilities is to intentionally touch those we love: to embrace a friend, hold a child and caress a loved one. Words aren’t enough. They are one piece of the ‘Communion Equation’ but alone leave one lacking.

Use your touch intentionally with your family, friends and even in business. A firm handshake, a slap on the shoulder, a hug, can go a long way to building long term friendships benefiting all involved.

Accept the responsibility and invest the privilege.