“The problem with the Church in the West is we believe that we still speak from a position of authority.” So spoke Dr. Joel Edwards at a Futurist Gathering held … Read More

Eric Leander: Conversations on Leadership

A successful lawyer and committed philanthropist, Eric is one of those leaders you can easily relate to. He explains how being a “doer” is the one thing separating successful leaders from frustrated … Read More

Of Fall and Goths

“Trees are at their most beautiful in the Fall.” My dear friend Peicho and I were discussing how at this season of our lives – mid fifties – we are … Read More

Why Regret Is Good For You

By regret I don’t mean “I wish” and “I should have”.  I mean “I did” or “I didn’t”. Those who wish and should typically didn’t really intend to attempt the … Read More

Jacques Bastien: Conversations on Leadership

Jacques Bastien is also famously known as the Hustlepreneur! Together with his multi talented wife Dahcia, they run Boogie, a multicultural marketing agency for today’s generation. Jacques is also a Professor at UNY … Read More

Mike Saccocio: Conversations on Leadership

“Do the small things with great love”. Mike Saccocio, Director of the City Mission, Schenectady, NY, is one of these people I learn so much from about leadership because he’s practically wise, passionate and unafraid to … Read More

Unlock Your Truth

Unlock you truth to answer life’s two most important questions: who must I be and what must I do? Think about the stunning reality that out of seven billion people on earth there is only one of you. … Read More

Al Tompkins: Conversations on Leadership

Al Tompkins shares leadership lessons learned through serving those whose voices aren’t heard. He transparently explains how he was shaped by the difficulties he faced growing up which powerfully shaped him to become the … Read More