Do you remember how safe and loved you felt as a little child when you would be lying in your bed shivering because it was cold and your mom would come into your bedroom, pull the blanket over you and then give you a long hug to warm you up? These precious memories are so still so powerful to me today it’s as though they happened yesterday.

We know that one of the deepest drives humans have is the need for safety and security. It begins in the womb as the developing miracle feels the safety and warmth of it’s mother’s protection. The truth is that all through our lives we need to be covered, to have a loved one “pull the blanket up over us”, whatever stage of life we’re in.

Unfortunately, the world can be a cruel place. It is filled with too many of those who are more interested in uncovering others than caring for them. You and I have this choice to make daily: will we cover others with our language and actions, bringing safety and security, or will we uncover them, causing harm? The Bible says we must do to others what we want them to do to us … that we reap what we sow.

Take some time today to cover the ones you love. And those who may be a stranger to you but you can see they need someone, for today, to pull up the cover over their situation and bring them warmth.