Of Fall and Goths

“Trees are at their most beautiful in the Fall.” My dear friend Peicho and I were discussing how at this season of our lives – mid fifties – we are … Read More

Drop Generational Labels

You are not a Generation. You’re an individual. Singular. This is your real value. It’s time now to drop generational labels. Aren’t you tired of people defining a whole generation … Read More

Dear Client ..

Things can be different .. they can be better! I like what I do. It’s challenging, exciting, interesting and meaningful. I’m happy to do this for a living and feel … Read More

Why branding isn’t enough

“What’s your brand?” We’ve heard the question a hundred times, and as we try to give an accurate answer we have that uneasy feeling that somehow it sounds a little … Read More


Here’s a powerful truth: every one of us lives in a self created space. You could say it’s your Ispace, in the sense that it reflects and manifests your individual … Read More

Culture Is A Person

culture is a person lorenzo agnes

Every company, corporation and start-up has a Culture Person, whether they’re aware of it or not. Let’s call this Person Bobby. Your customers and clients are meeting Bobby every time they interact … Read More