Why you need to be Insta’d!

Like you, I love taking photographs!There is a particular pleasure in snapping a meaningful, beautiful or funny image that means the world to you. Baby pics? Priceless. Pics of your … Read More

Why branding isn’t enough

“What’s your brand?” We’ve heard the question a hundred times, and as we try to give an accurate answer we have that uneasy feeling that somehow it sounds a little … Read More


Here’s a powerful truth: every one of us lives in a self created space. You could say it’s your Ispace, in the sense that it reflects and manifests your individual … Read More

You’re a Jigsaw Puzzle

“If you look up ADHD in Webster’s dictionary you’ll find a life size pic of my dad!” So declared our daughter to a friend who was trying to understand why … Read More

Ndebele Art

Three main styles and movements of art have most profoundly influenced my particular style of design: chiaroscuro, pop art and Ndebele art. “Ndebele aesthetic expression in the form of mural … Read More

Culture Is A Person

culture is a person lorenzo agnes

Every company, corporation and start-up has a Culture Person, whether they’re aware of it or not. Let’s call this Person Bobby. Your customers and clients are meeting Bobby every time they interact … Read More