Designing your brand is too important for a quick, cheap solution

Because you care, you can’t leave it to chance. Hiring a professional should remove stress, not add it. An effective, practical design strategy allows me to take care of your project so you can focus on your business.


Our goal is unlocking your uniqueness: to discover who and what you and your company are truly about.


Then we need to understand how this uniqueness finds expression through your products and business.


Finally, we’ll create a meaningful identity reflecting you and your products and benefitting your customers.

“Every designer works differently but they would all benefit from taking a page out of Lorenzo’s book. Collaborating with him on a design is an experience akin to having brunch at Wolfgang Puck’s house. With infectious enthusiasm, he’s able to take the idea of my business and break it down into a memorable, enduring design, perfectly capturing the essence of my mission.”

Dale Mattison, 32 Mile Media