Commanded to Love

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Commanded to Love | LIVEUNIQ

What does God’s great expectation of us to love Him and our neighbors as ourselves mean in practice? Is it even possible to live out the great commandment of love? Let’s find out.


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Freedom | LIVEUNIQ

Are you truly free? What’s the difference between being free as an American and free as a Christian? Let’s find out.

Man in the Mirror

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Man in the Mirror | LIVEUNIQ

Is the person you see in the mirror who you want to be? This powerful, challenging talk from our guest speaker, David W. Dussault, will inspire you to take the necessary … Read More

Find your purpose

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How to find your purpose by answering two of life’s most important questions: who must I be, and what must I do? Being and doing are both overflows of your … Read More


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We look at the need for and power of living an authentic life. “On hearing the words “Sensa cera!”, prospective buyers would immediately appreciate that the work of art they … Read More


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Becoming and staying relevant is a choice. All. All. All. Some. A three to one ratio. “All” is a little word full of big expectations. When it’s repeated three times … Read More

A move of the Holy Spirit

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An encouragement God gave me at the end of 2020 about Him visiting and blessing us with His Holy Spirit in the near future.