Branding flows out of Unlocking as an expression of Culture.


Our goal is unlocking your uniqueness: to discover who and what you and your company are truly about.


Then we need to understand how this uniqueness finds expression through your products and business.


Finally, we’ll create a meaningful identity reflecting you and your products and benefitting your customers.

"Every designer works differently but they would all benefit from taking a page out of Lorenzo’s book. Collaborating with him on a design is an experience akin to having brunch at Wolfgang Puck’s house. With infectious enthusiasm, he’s able to take the idea of my business and break it down into a memorable, enduring design, perfectly capturing the essence of my mission."

Dale Mattison, 32 Mile Media

“In my professional experience with Lorenzo, he has proved to be among the most encouraging and inspirational people I have had the privilege of working with. When it comes to understanding the “big picture” for an individual or for an organization, he has an incredible ability to draw goals, desires and skills to the surface in order to understand the greater opportunities at hand. He has done this in my life personally.”
Jesse Zweigenthal, UX Designer

"Lorenzo is a leader who has the rare combination of both a visionary and a delivery orientation. He has the ability see possibilities and potential that others skip over, while also having the ability to operationalize a strategy that charts a path towards realizing that vision. It is an unusual combination, in my experience: he is both a person of vision and practice. I commend Lorenzo to anyone interested in looking to visualize new strategies and actually delivering them."
Andrew Steere, Engineering Consultant